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A cardgame that eliminates small talk from conversations

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The catch:

Jori is a game about powerful questions.

By using those questions, the game activates parts of the brain that deal with our authenticity. Conversations become energetic, challenging, memorable. It gives you the chance to look at yourself from different perspectives, activate your weird humour, understand how you relate to others. It eliminates small talk.

The mechanics:

Two piles of cards. Each card a question.
One pile for weird questions, one pile for profound.

The weird pile  provokes you with situations you probably never thought about. Playing like a court jester, they invite you to create strange metaphors about yourself. They lead you to see people (and yourself) in a freer, more Salvador Dali-like state of mind.

The profound pile is designed to ask you those deep questions that normally take months to show up in conversations. They are a maestro, conducting you to talk about your personal ideas of future, home, death, control, pleasure and other hard-to-grasp concepts.

The game comes with a set of suggested game modes for different situations (Tinder dates, boardgame nights, business interviews) and stimulates you to create your own. Jori is many experiences wrapped in one box.

A word from the creator - Joriam Philipe:

"I had just moved to Berlin from Rio de Janeiro. Suddenly I found myself having the same conversation every single day: 'what's your name? what do you do? where do you come from?'. It was like following a script, soon I was not thinking about my answers, just recalling my past conversations. It felt stiff and boring.

So I set out to create a tool, an artefact to help me out. I knew I needed something to conduct conversations to a different place - a place of creativity, of chaos. I wanted people to feel out of guard, but not in safe space. So I began making Jori. The first prototypes were pieces of post-its, and it worked pretty fine.

I guess I was extremely lucky. The process of testing the mechanics and the questions was a very pleasant one. I had an interesting topic to bring up on dates, I found new things about old friends on skype, I really remember most of those conversations. I wish all games were that fun to test and polish!"

Top Features:

- Creates intimacy between players
- Social focus
- 2 to 20 players
- Good for granny, grandson and everyone in between
- Pocket-sized
- 20 weird cards, 20 profound cards, 5 game-mode cards
- Inside joke generator

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Developed by: 

Game design by Joriam Philipe
Graphics by Guilherme Maueler
Based in Berlin, Germany

Press contact:

Joriam Philipe
+49 176 76201408

Estimated price: 

14€ +shipping (kickstarter price)